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Loooooong Exposure Photography

One of the most fascinating domains of photography for me has always been Long Exposure Photography. Whether its capturing motion of a few seconds by some performer, photographing the night sky or a waterfall, light trails or light painting, I always try and see how I can incorporate it into a scene.

Here are some of the best articles I’ve seen on this topic:



And here are some of my attempts in this domain.

I hope to keep this post alive later on by adding new photographs that I capture using this technique or in case I find some of my previous good ones 😀


My experiments with a 50mm prime lens

Happy Diwali!
I just celebrated Diwali back home on the 3rd with my family and other than the usual good food, lights and festive atmosphere associated with this festival, this time around, I had my camera and  the awesome 50mm prime lens to look forward to. 😀

In case you aren’t familiar, Diwali, celebrated on a new moon night, is the festival of lights and arguably the biggest festival in Northern India. The whole city is lit up with oil lamps and led strips and the night itself is celebrated with suppressed booms of fireworks becoming an integral part of the soundscape.

I used my Nikon D5100 with the 50mm f/1.8D for the most part of the night and came up with some good shots which I’m happy with. I’m still getting used to the manual focusing, so please pardon minor blurs 😛 But I sure did have a lot of fun clicking portraits, bokeh, fireworks and even something equivalent of steel-wool photography which I tried to do using sparklers or ‘phooljhadi’s as we call them here.

I really hope I keep practicing so that I can improve my photography with this lens to improve the focusing, framing and choice of depth of field of shots; basically the three main things I feel are important with respect to this nifty-fifty.

P.S.: I’m still too lazy to look up and copy the EXIF for each one of these and I didn’t want something like that to delay this post any further, let me know if  you want them for any particular shot.

Reverse Lens Macro Photography

I really wanted to try my hand at macro photography a while ago but was really not too keen on buying a new lens.
This technique is something I came across last year and have had a lot of fun exploring. I use a reversing ring with my standard kit 18-55mm lens with Sony NEX 5K.

Here’s a small look into the technique:

These are some of my favourite shots that I’ve managed to capture over time using this technique. Note that I haven’t provided the EXIF because it isn’t stored with the photos since the lens contacts aren’t connected to the camera while clicking the photos.


I’ll keep adding new photographs that I manage to click using this technique here in the future.

Photography Intro

My journey as a photographer. I started with a Sony NEX 5K with an 18-55mm kit lens and a SLIK Compact II Tripod. After 2 years of learning on that, I recently added a Nikon D5100 with 18-105mm kit and prime 50mm f/1.8 lenses and a BENRO T880-EX Tripod.

I mainly like landscape and concert photography. I’m currently working on portrait and macro. I like to try out new techniques like light painting, reverse lens macro, astro-photography etc. and am on the constant lookout for inspiration. :)