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IR Remote for Nikon Camera using the Raspberry Pi (LIRC)

I finally came around to trying out LIRC on the Raspberry Pi to use it to trigger my Nikon D5100. 😀

I haven’t fully utilized the capabilities provided by it yet, but I’ve managed to get it up and running quite easily thanks to a lot of great posts and troubleshooting guides on some blogs and the Raspberry Pi forum.

I mainly followed these links:



To make a very simple remote using the Raspberry Pi, all you have to do is follow the steps given on either of these links.

Since I didn’t really have the physical Nikon ML-L3 universal remote which I wanted to emulate, I followed the steps given on these links after which:

1. I upgraded the firmware:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo rpi-update

2. Got the Nikon ML-L3 lircd.conf file:


and replaced the contents of


3. Restarted the lirc daemon:

sudo /etc/init.d/lirc restart

4. Checked if the remote was configured correctly:

irsend LIST Nikon2 "" 

This should show a list of the commands offered by the remote for triggering the shutter.

5. Tested the shutter command:

irsend SEND_ONCE Nikon2 shutter

6. Once that worked properly, (after a silent fist-pump) I decided to write a small python script that I can use for Timelapse shoots:

#Created: 09-07-2014 AM 02:38 
#Author: Mayank Joneja
#Timelapse code for Nikon Cameras using the Raspberry Pi (LIRC)
#IR LED on GPIO 22 , usage:
#sudo python NikonCamera.py [no. of shots] [delay in seconds]

from time import sleep
import subprocess
import sys

	print "usage: 'sudo python NikonCamera.py [no. of shots] [delay in seconds]'"

	shots = int(sys.argv[1])
	delay = float(sys.argv[2])

	for i in range (1,shots+1):
		subprocess.call('irsend SEND_ONCE Nikon2 shutter',shell = True)

I’m quite happy with this setup as of now, but I plan to hookup a TSOP and make a small setup for recording and transmitting IR signals with the Pi. I guess I’ll then have a simple Flask based web-app for such an IR blaster.

I haven’t really tried out the range of the setup yet but I think in case of any issues I’ll simply amplify the signal with an NPN transistor like a BC547 and add another LED in parallel for better coverage angle. I’ll post any updates on this project as and when I get to them.

P.S.:I hope to click a nice timelapse sequence with this camera ASAP and upload that too. 🙂


My experiments with a 50mm prime lens

Happy Diwali!
I just celebrated Diwali back home on the 3rd with my family and other than the usual good food, lights and festive atmosphere associated with this festival, this time around, I had my camera and  the awesome 50mm prime lens to look forward to. 😀

In case you aren’t familiar, Diwali, celebrated on a new moon night, is the festival of lights and arguably the biggest festival in Northern India. The whole city is lit up with oil lamps and led strips and the night itself is celebrated with suppressed booms of fireworks becoming an integral part of the soundscape.

I used my Nikon D5100 with the 50mm f/1.8D for the most part of the night and came up with some good shots which I’m happy with. I’m still getting used to the manual focusing, so please pardon minor blurs 😛 But I sure did have a lot of fun clicking portraits, bokeh, fireworks and even something equivalent of steel-wool photography which I tried to do using sparklers or ‘phooljhadi’s as we call them here.

I really hope I keep practicing so that I can improve my photography with this lens to improve the focusing, framing and choice of depth of field of shots; basically the three main things I feel are important with respect to this nifty-fifty.

P.S.: I’m still too lazy to look up and copy the EXIF for each one of these and I didn’t want something like that to delay this post any further, let me know if  you want them for any particular shot.