It’s all your fault, Mark.

A short funny take on the Whatsoff Incident

Surfing Tangents

23rd February, 2014:

3:39 AM: Confirming the death of Whatsapp.

3:39 AM: You there?

3:39 AM: Wow.

3:40 AM: This is probably the end of an era, isn’t it?

3:40 AM: I wonder if someday, these messages will get delivered.

3:52 AM: Maybe 40 years from now. Some of us will be married, some of us successful. Some of us alive, some dead. Some wanting to be dead. Who knows? Maybe someday when you’re about to put your neck through the noose, in a damp dingy apartment somewhere in a crumbling city, your phone will buzz, with a Whatsapp notification. You’ll read this message, and be visited by ghosts from a bygone era. You’ll remember what it was like to be young. To be, at the same time, naive, excited, in love, and terrified of the world in the most queer way. That heady cocktail of emotions that only plague…

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